Monday, April 20, 2015


Autumn colour at its best...

Firenze Planter in Fossil 

Bali Planter Fossil 

Close up of our Parisian Urn 

Firenze Urn with Faux Maple Tree 

Now that Autumn is finally upon us it's time to watch the garden change colour !

Don't worry if you don't have the big backyard or the huge space that is required to grow some of these amazing big trees though.

All you really need is a Yardware urn, pot or trough.
Many of our urns and planters are the perfect size to grow stunning autumn colour.

While these trees normally grow very large if planted in the ground you can also keep them to a more manageable size if you place them in a good sized pot and keep them fertilized.

This way you can still enjoy their greenery and the amazing colours they produce in Autumn.

Some of my favorites plants that can be used are the beautiful Japanese maple or Betula pendula
But there are many more to select from.

Sapium sebiferum - Ginkgo biloba  - Pistacia chinensis - Acer Palmatum  - Nyssa sylvatica

Try planting some of these suggestions into a contrasting planter as we have in the images above.
Again this is another way of having contrast in the garden at a time when most others gardens tend to look a little drab.

Alternatively you can always select some of the amazing faux plants that we currently have in stock.
You can't get a much easier way than that to add colour to the garden.